Aldous R.H.

Aldous R.H.

ALDOUS RH (Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett); a (aries) male born in the spring of 1992.
His obsession with the world of rock n' roll began at the age of 12 and hasn't faltered since.
Many years were spent honing his craft as a vocalist & songwriter with nu-prog band Egyptian Hip Hop; eye opening experiences were had on the road performing with soft spoken veteran Charlotte Gainsbourg and gentle blues-rock professional Connan Mockasin. Lessons were learnt, songs were written, but will it only be now? In 2015 that this young aspiring hit maker really begins to hit his stride? A singular presence both live and on record, his versatile virtuoso band of friends and funk cohorts expand his vision of blissful ballads + blurry blue eyed soul into a very very real experience.

“Egyptian Hip Hop’s former singer has executed a dazzling musical volte-face towards beautifully warped 70s synth-soul…” – THE GUARDIAN

“Aldous RH’s ‘Sensuality’ is a perfect, fuck-laced ode to that indescribable trait it’s named after.” DIY

"All eyes, however, should be on Aldous RH, who provides the best track on the compilation LP. There's a lot of eyes on Aldous thanks to an output which veers from oddball dreamscapes, to wonky Prince-esque space pop." THE QUIETUS

"think we could all use some Aldous RH on our summer playlist and thereafter. His single "Sensuality" breaks it down real nice and easy. It's clear that some sexified, R&B psych pop is on the rise and I'm quite alright with that. This no-holds-barred track is infectiously zany and breezy as it brings experimental pop to a new level.INDIE SHUFFLE "

Aldous RH’s album MISC. DISC. is a retro journey of discovery, with the Egyptian Hip Hop frontman producing a series of delicate lo-fi pop songs. Channelling the 80s, his set is a succession of sublime little gems, slow dancing music for late night lovers." NOW THEN MAGAZINE